Cameron Parker is a alumni from the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts. He has been acting with the Lizards for the majority of his life and has had the privilege of teaching acting for over three years. Returning from performing at the SLO Repertory Theater on the central coast, he's eager to meet his new students in Alhambra! Exploring voice, speech, movement, character, and intention; our acting classes will exercise the students imagination, vulnerability, and confidence. This class is structured to keep the actor present to any circumstance that comes their way on stage and to give the actor the tenacity to navigate those circumstances with purpose.

Jay Parker is a stage director, playwright and actor. He is one of the founders of the 90's comedy performance group: The Subterranean Lounge Lizards.  Later he created Lizard Theater where the company toured schools and mounted productions in little theaters throughout Los Angeles.  He opened the first Lizard Theater in a small studio in Alhambra, then was relocated by the Alhambra Redevelopment Department to a retail shop which he and other theater members designed the Mosaic Lizard Theater. For over a decade he has taught classes and mentored students. He is patient and helps guide his students to the freedom of acting.

Amanda Jane Salmon has always had a love of performing since she was very young. Amanda studied at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts (PCPA) where she spent everyday for the next two-years studying Acting, Shakespeare, Dance, Clowning and more! After graduating, she moved from city to city, performing in various Musicals and Plays. The past two Christmas Seasons she created her very own musical called "A Dirty Christmas Cabaret" that sold out in San Francisco, California! Amanda relocated in the Los Angeles area in 2016 and is now in the works of creating yet another musical! She absolutely loves children and acting! 

 Summer Stratton discovered her love of Theater while attending Citrus College in 2007. After completing the Theater Arts Program she performed with several Theater Companies in Southern California. Though her main focus has been performing, she is working as a director for Children's Theater and Experimental Theater, at her local Community College. Summer is excited to share this experience with her fellow teacher Amanda, and to communicate her love of the arts with your kids and future artists!