” I didn’t just find an artistic space, I found a family with the company and a connection to the Alhambra/San Gabriel Valley community. Spaces like the Lizard are so rare, special and ESSENTIAL for artists – young, old, experienced or novice – and communities.”   Jordan Don – Actress 








The Mosaic Lizard Theater Company is a small theater company dedicated to introducing new works, classic and contemporary plays, as well as new talent to the Los Angeles theater scene.   Our mission is to provide a safe creative space for actors, directors, lighting and technical directors, and playwrights to work and refine their craft. Mosaic Lizard Theater is supported by donations, ticket and concession sales. In order to provide the theater experience to all, we keep our prices low while providing special rates for students and seniors. Mosaic Lizard Theater is a color and gender blind entity. Lizard Alumni have gone on to acting conservatories and performing arts programs at colleges and universities across the country and around the world. Some have appeared on Television and Film, as well as other theater stages and companies across the country.



The original Lizard Theater was founded in 1993, by  Jay Parker, Claudia Estrada and Alejandro Lang.  In 2005, under the direction of Parker and Ruben Aguilar the theater would open in a small studio in the Theater of World Dance in the Downtown Alhambra area.  Over the course of 5 years there, the Lizard grew its talent pool and showcased premiere original works and revivals of classics.


In 2011, With Bryana Pickford coming onboard as Artistic Director, The Lizard moved to a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Downtown Alhambra’s Mosaic District and hence, the Lizard now became the Mosaic Lizard Theater.  Theater professionals have commented the Mosaic Lizard Theater is truly the nicest little theater in Los Angeles. The theater is played to sold out audiences and getting critical praise from media like the LA Weekly, The Pasadena Star N
ews, SoCal.com, and the Los Angeles Dance Review.

In recent years, with the addition of Greg Langner, Cameron Parker, Sophie Avedikian and Carson Lambing, the Mosaic Lizard Theater has grown into a powerhouse of production, developing nonstop original works, continued revivals and adaptations of classic stories, musicals, movement and avant-garde performances.

Improvisation and sketch comedy have been a big part of Lizard Theater since it’s inception in 1993. Mosaic Lizard Theater continues this tradition with hilarious and original sketch comedy shows that run between major main stage productions. And the original series Bat Knight that has grown to cult status.

In October 2016, The Lizard building was sold and the venue was taken away by the new owners.  But the Lizard Theater continued to survive with Lizard Theater Radio.

In June 2017 the theater found a new home at 13 N. 4th St. in Alhambra, California. The creative space came with podcast booths as well as a performance and rehearsal space. New workshops instructors, Cameron Rose, Amanda Salmon and Summer Stratton, Michael Donnell and Brianna Sandoval joined the team.  Bat Knight returned to sold out houses and Lizard Theater Radio was given birth there. Cinderella, The Story of Esther, Murder of Clowns and A Christmas Carol were presented there as well as the Lizard Theater Radio Show. The theater lost the space in September of 2018. During this time the theater went back to it’s original name, Lizard Theater.