I have been involved with the Mosaic Lizard Theater for five years allowing me to witness the impact it had on the community. For many young performers it became a second home to explore artistic boundaries without fear. To create something in a safe environment we otherwise would leave undiscovered. Young artists like me need a place like the Mosaic Lizard Theater to gain the confidence needed to pursue future career endeavors.

-Brianna Sandoval

We've been working hard on getting the new place ready and we're about ready to start our workshops for the summer! We're offering something for everyone interested in the theater arts and we hope you'll join us. Most of our classes are an hour and meet two times a week for a four weeks. For the very young actors we're offering two classes that meet once a week for two hours.  Our class sizes are limited to 8 students for each class, this gives us more time with each student.  This is another way our theater supports itself and grows our talent pool.


On Sundays we offer two classes for young children.  Playtime Theater for children 5-8 and Children's Musical Theater for children 8-11.  These two hour workshops introduce young people to theater in a fun and positive way. They are taught self-confidence and the importance of working with others through theater games and exercises.

Our Monday and Wednesday Workshops offer acting classes starting with Adults 60 and up, Teens and everyone in between. For the first time, we are offering a Playwriting Workshop for Teens through Adults.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we offer a Shakespeare workshop for Teens, Improvisation, Scene Study and Character Building.

For times, details and registration for any of these exciting classes go to our "Donation / Workshop Sign-up" page.

Your generous contributions are also a way of keeping our special programs and productions moving forward.You can easily donate on  the following links below or visit our "Donation / Workshop Sign-up" page.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Lizard Theater has been in the city of Alhambra for over a decade and with your support we can continue serving our community!

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