I have been involved with the Mosaic Lizard Theater for five years allowing me to witness the impact it had on the community. For many young performers it became a second home to explore artistic boundaries without fear. To create something in a safe environment we otherwise would leave undiscovered. Young artists like me need a place like the Mosaic Lizard Theater to gain the confidence needed to pursue future career endeavors.                                                       -Brianna Sandoval, Actress and musician

"My time with Jay has been integral to improving myself as an actor and a person. Opening myself to new experiences and working in a diverse and welcoming environment has prepared me for all sorts of theatre spaces and directors. I'm so thankful to Jay for trusting me through my challenges and seeing me through my successes."                                                - Lauren Estrada, Actress

Receive personal attention, guidance and encouragement from Lizard Theater founder Jay Parker.  Mr. Parker is an actor, director and playwright with 40 years experience.  He has been a personal mentor to both actors and writers for over a decade.

Our new location is 13 N. 4th St. Alhambra, CA 91801. For more information please join us on Message us on Facebook or call (626) 202-2959


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